Edgar Arturo Roseyón Moreno
RFC: ROME790310KR0

Banco Santander MXN
Cuenta: 60591514733
Clabe Interbancaria: 014375605915147336

Cotización Number COT-313
Cotización Date agosto 3, 2023
Total $74,482.36
Rodrigo Huitron

Tiempo de entrega por parte de DELL a cliente final de 6 a 8 semanas.

Precios en DLLS.

Cant Descripción PrecioDescuentoSub Total
1 Dell ME5012 Storage Array - [AMER_ME5012_15246]

(Cant. 1) Dell ME5012 Storage Array
(Cant. 1) 32Gb FC Type-B 8 Port Dual Controller
(Cant. 1) 8x SFP, FC16, 16GB
(Cant. 8) Dell Networking Cable, OM4 LC/LC Fiber Cable, (Optics required), 2 Meter
(Cant. 9) 8TB Hard Drive SAS ISE 12Gbps 7.2K 512e 3.5in Hot-Plug
(Cant. 3) 3.84TB SSD SAS ISE, Read Intensive, up to 24Gbps 512e 2.5in with 3.5in HYB CARR, AG Drive
(Cant. 1) Rack Rails 2U
(Cant. 1) ME Series 2U Bezel
(Cant. 1) Power Supply, 580W, Redundant, WW
(Cant. 1) Dell PowerVault ME Series 2U-12, CE Marking
(Cant. 1) C13 to C14, PDU-Style, 12 AMP, 2 meter Power Cord, Qty 2
(Cant. 2) NEMA 5-15P to C13 Wall Plug, 125 Volt, 15 AMP, 10 Feet (3m), Power Cord, North America
(Cant. 1) Dell ME5012 Shipping
(Cant. 1) 3 Years ProSupport Mission Critical 4-Hour OnSite Service-LA
(Cant. 1) ProDeploy Plus Dell EMC Storage ME 5xxx 2U-LA

Sub Total $64,208.93
IVA $10,273.43
Total $74,482.36

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